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Ready for a Promotion? Pass These Two Tests

By Jack and Suzy Welch

When you have a capable person to promote in your company, there's no such a thing as “appropriate tenure.”
Sure, it’s ideal when internal candidates have logged two or three years to prove their mettle in good times and bad. But in today’s high-demand global marketplace, talented people are so hard to retain and Gen-Yers and millennials have so little tolerance for dues-paying assignments, why would any company put a high-performer through unnecessary paces just to satisfy a bureaucratic requirement? That uncompetitive practice is a throwback to the days when an employee’s time served could, and often did, trump his value added.
So, should your bosses come at you to defend the decision to promote an internal star early on rather than hiring from the outside, remind them of the talent wars, then mention something else they may already know. Promotion is more art than science. You can never be sure a candidate—regardless of tenure—will succeed. You can only know if he has passed two simple tests.
The first, obviously, concerns perform­ance. Does the candidate consistently post superior results? We’re not just talking numbers. Superior results also mean a person has expanded his job duties and brought insights to the team, be they about work processes, market challenges, or unseen opportunities. Basically, superior results mean a person has overdelivered—a leading indicator that he’s ready for more.
The second test concerns values. Does the candidate consistently demonstrate the behaviors the company wants to see from its leaders? Is she customer-focused? Does she share ideas? Different types of companies have different values. But when it comes to promotions, the question about values is the same. Does the candidate live and breathe them?
Now, even if a short tenure candidate passes both tests, you might want to examine one last factor. Did the candidate arrive with a “tailwind”—perhaps a backlog of orders or a high-functioning team left by his predecessor? You shouldn’t hold good luck against your candidate, though it merits consideration.
In the big picture, your instinct should always be to promote a strong internal candidate sooner rather than later. It’s good for the individual, who gets to build new skills without the nonsense of marking time. And it’s good for the organization. Promoting young insiders is a fast way to attract good people to your ranks; indeed, it will help make you a talent magnet. Best of all, it keeps your top performers inside. Granted, you may not get every promotion right, but you can be sure that nudging your high-fliers into the open arms of your rivals is an “appropriate tenure” policy you’ll live to regret.
Jack Welch is Executive Chairman of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University.Through its online MBA program, the Jack Welch Management Institute provides students and organizations with the proven methodologies, immediately actionable practices, and respected credentials needed to win in business.

Suzy Welch is a best-selling author, popular television commentator, and noted business journalist. Her New York Times bestselling book, 10-10-10: A Life Transforming Idea, presents a powerful decision-making strategy for success at work and in parenting, love and friendship. Together with her husband Jack Welch, Suzy is also co-author of the #1 international bestseller Winning, and its companion volume, Winning: The Answers. Since 2005, they have written business columns for several publications, including Business Week magazine, Thomson Reuters digital platforms, Fortune magazine, and the New York Times syndicate.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

People Need Jobs

Home Job Group

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Electronic Gadgets: Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 MP Exmor CMOS Sensor Digital Camera with 3.6x Zoom

Exquisite image quality and creative freedom in a truly compact package. For razor-sharp images and pro-quality defocused backgrounds, the RX100 features a large, 1-Inch sensor and an ultra-bright Carl Zeiss/1.8 lens. It also features a handy control ring for easy access to aperture settings and more for total creative freedom.1-Year Limited Warranty.What's in the box: Micro USB cable, Instruction Manual, Battery NP-BX1, Wrist Strap, AC Adapter AC-UD11 and Shoulder Strap Adapter. For more in depth look, check out the RX-100 brochure. Technical Details Image-stabilization Product Details Product Dimensions: 4 x 1.4 x 2.4 inches ; 8.5 ounces Shipping Weight: 1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies) Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. ASIN: B00889ST2G Item model number: DSCRX100/B Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included) Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars See all reviews (342 customer reviews)

How to Find Cheap Wholesalers

Hello my friends.

Today I want to share with you a valuable information related to home based business. Afford this: One of the most profitable ways to make money online from home is to sell on auction sites like eBay. And to make the most rewarding from it is to know the right supplier you will be dealing with to conduct your successful eBay selling business.

Are you wondering how some sellers can survive (let alone make any money) on the rock bottom prices they sell their items for? Believe it or not, many long running sellers are not only surviving while selling at those rock-bottom prices, many are also be making more profit than others who are listing the same items at a much higher price! This is because these big-time sellers can get their goods super-cheap from the very best wholesalers, meaning they can buy more, sell more and make more profit!

Why can large retailers can sell goods so cheaply?

Because they buy their items in big bulk (and I mean big!) and as a result, they can sell their items for very competitive prices. They order huge quantities at a time, often spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single bulk order which considerably reduces the price per unit. Large retailers have often spent years building relationships with their suppliers which means they get the best possible deals when they buy in such high volume. While you might be a few years away from being able to spend a few hundred thousand on making a bulk order, there are plenty of things you can do to help you get the best deals possible from the very best suppliers. Here are a few tips to follow when you search for new suppliers:
  • Avoid any suppliers who charge extra fees. This will help to keep your costs per unit down and there are plenty of suppliers out there who will not charge any extra fees such as monthly memberships or charges to access their web site's store - you wouldn't pay a supermarket to look around at what they have to offer would you? So don't do it with any suppliers!
  • Be prepared to spend a lot of time do conducting pricing research. This is absolutely essential for all retailer sellers. Top sellers differ from other sellers in that they understand the amount of time that goes into pricing research and they get stuck in and do it! Pricing research will help you to determine whether it is possible for you to compete in a particular market.
  • Go for suppliers who offer a guarantee or warranty for all items they sell to you. This is very important for keeping your costs down and profits up, as if you end up with a few faulty items, you need to be able to return them to your supplier, rather than refund your buyer yourself. This also helps to increase your sales as it gives buyers confidence in your products and your customer service. Usually, the warranty will be between you and the supplier - meaning if the items proves to be faulty, your buyer will return it to you then you will return the item to your supplier for a refund or exchange.
  • Import your items! You can save (and make!) a lot of money by importing goods from abroad. Countries such as China and India are much cheaper to produce items in than Western countries which means you can make a lot of money when you sell them in your own country.

How do they find these amazing suppliers?

There are several ways to find the very best suppliers out there:
  1. Call manufacturers directly - this can help you get in touch with the very best of their retail suppliers, and if you can call and say "Hi, I'm Mike. Gary from Precision Manufacturing gave me your number and told me you are the man to talk to about...". You can find names of manufacturers by visiting Manta.com  an online directory of businesses in the US, UK, Australia, Canada as well as other countries. Here you can search for manufacturers by entering the name of the product you are looking into sourcing then following the links to the contact information for the manufacturer.
  2. Use online wholesale directories such as SaleHoo which lists over 8,000 of the very best suppliers on the web.
  3. Go beyond the Internet. There are other ways to find great suppliers - try trade magazines and trade shows - a great way to build all-important relationships with suppliers. You can find trade shows near you by Googling 'your state + trade fair/trade show' or if you are really serious, you can visit the massive trade shows held in China.
By using the above tips and information to find your next supplier, you'll be profiting like an eBay PowerSeller in no time!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Get Access to 16,000 Woodworking Plans

Get Access to 16,000 Woodworking Plans

If you are reading this article then it is likely that you have a passion. You have a passion for woodworking.
For the most part you would have spent hundreds of dollars or more on woodworking projects. It will take you a lot longer that you thought or you might have quit because you got your measurements all wrong!

I understand your pain because I was once in your shoes! What if I told you that you can get the job done cheaper, faster and without headaches using my woodworking plans...

Here's the BIG problem: Most plans and woodworking magazines are complete garbage.

Why? They skip over many important parts, their diagrams are confusing, unclear, or even wrong and they often skip important parts. No wonder woodworking seemed so hard!

You are a step away from make your own wood plans Click Here!

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Barbara Freethy: One True Love

 This is a customer review about Barbara Freethy's book One True Love

ONE TRUE LOVE-- Rita-winner, Barbara Freethy has given us yet another dazzling gift from the heart!
With each new book, Barbara shows the world why she is one of Contemporary Romance's new reigning queens, an extraordinarily gifted storyteller who won't settle for anything less than a complete commitment of heart and soul from her legions of fans.
ONE TRUE LOVE is the story of a love that must rise from the ashes of tremendous sorrow. These characters are rich, real, and at times heart-wrenching as they try to reconcile the unbearable losses of the past with the risks a future together might hold. Their hopes and fears are brought home with such power and insight, you may decide to skip that trip to the beach in favor of reading just one more chapter!
If you only have time for one exceptional read this summer, catch Barbara's latest claim to fame, ONE TRUE LOVE. You'll want to share it with friends, but they'll have to buy their own copy because you won't want to part with it!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Personal Investment Planning

Have you given a thought about your future finances?
What have you done to secure your family?
Are you near retirement?

There are many questions people face about their future finances and I am bringing to you this article from a PLR right I just got.

Investment services online are everywhere. You can invest in investment stock, investment securities, investment loan property, guide investment, etc... The only true investing opportunity you should do online is forex investing. With the proper education and the right forex training you can make millions in the blink of an eye in this fast growing, high paced investment industry. People devote so much money per year to fraud investment and investment bonds, but they do not realize how great forex investing actually is. Let me give you a little bit of a brief history on forex investing. Forex investing has been around for decades but it has been a pretty much untapped market for the single investing consumer. This market has been completely dominated by the big players such as multi-national corporations and large financial institutions. They had a huge investment return on their money for decades. 2 TRILLION dollars are traded everyday on this unregulated market. That is why this forex market is by far the largest investing market in the entire world.
Before you jump into this huge earning potential market you must understand a few things:

Just like the title says in bold, you need to spend at least a few weeks reading forex ebooks, doing forex demos, and all the forex training you can get. The great thing about the forex market is the free resources you have available for training. No other market has even close to this many free resources. The best training you can ever have is creating a forex demo account. You need to create a forex demo account and use "fake money" to get a feeling about what it would be like trading currency with real money. In about a week, with tguide of proper forex ebooks and forex strategies, you will be rolling in the fake money dough in no time and be able to jump right into the best investment opportunity possible; forex investing! For as little as $25.00, you can begin your forex investing career. You must be properly forex trained and well equipped and able to adjust to change. This is a market that is constantly fluctuating and changing and by you having a great grasp on the world events around you will give you a step up from the rest in this market. However, this is not like the fremont investment loan or investment property, this is investing in the real deal! With the proper education and learning abilities you have with all the online resources, you will be on your way to earning millions in no time. What's more, the great thing about this market is you can trade currencies 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is just like Las Vegas, instead of the city it is the market that never sleeps. The best thing you could ever do is just have the proper never give up attitude and self-determination; hence you will be going a long way in this market. I wish you the best of luck in your future forex trades.
Related sites to Forex Investing Online and Project Investing with experienced traders:
Forex Firm X is managing a forex trading account linked to your PLX account: PrelaunchX

Do your own due diligence and do not invest money you can not afford to lose.  Every investment venture has it's own risk and you have to be aware of this.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do not Start your next Avertising Campaing Before Reading This

For those who need more real visitors to their websites there is a new service offered by a giant in traffic: Amazon Products Ads.

Now you can surely drive real targeted visitors to your website willing to buy your products or services.

How it works
You really need to visit the link I will give to you below but here is some excerpt:
Amazon Product Ads includes easy-to-use tools to upload and manage your product catalog. This makes it simple to put your ads in front of some of the most active customers on the web.

Amazon provides the tools you need to create and maintain your Product Ads. When you create your account we will pre-set your cost-per-click bids to the minimum amount in each category. You just need to upload your detailed product catalog, set your daily budget and you’re ready to go.

Here is the link: Amazon Products Ads

There are no monthly fees and no minimum spend - you are charged only when an Amazon customer clicks on your ad and is taken to your Web site. You control not only the maximum price you are willing to pay for that click, but also your daily budget. This allows you to measure the return on your advertising investment and optimize your budget accordingly.

What others are saying
Read how retailer Big T started their business Selling on Amazon and quickly expanded by creating two WebStores and utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon - tripling their bottom line in just two years:  Big T Case Study

Hope you find this information useful for your next ad campaing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Web camera software identifies motion, triggers siren, captures images, records video, and sends captured images by e-mail

Streaming live video and sound from capture card
through camera computer software

Broadcasting live video and sound from capture card using webcam computer software

Surveillance software

If you find yourself with a need to record surveillance video with a camera over an area, 
webcamera computer application
  may be the right choice for you. Using this application, it is possible to set up a camera to detect motion and begin recording once it does.

Depending on your needs, the sights and sounds that are picked up by the camera may be stored on a hard drive, or if the captured video needs to be available off-site, can be webcast using the server's broadcasting
feature to a web site.

Depending on the quality of the webcam and the viewer's video card, the picture that is recorded may be as clear as a high-definition tv signal.
Using a setup like this, it is possible to provide a measure of security for an area while the economics of the situation do not justify hiring a security business or setting up a professional monitoring system.

This  do-it-yourself approach   can save money while not compromising on protection.

Modern professional surveillance software works with
any webcam, Internet cameras, and major capture cards.

Webcam software detects activity, triggers siren, captures snapshots, records video, and sends captured images by email

Surveillance software
  has become so complicated that the typical consumer who has been busy minding his store instead of pouring over electronics and online technology articles can be easily overwhelmed when it comes time to setup or modernize his surveillance system.

Fortunately, there is modern professional security software that simplifies much of the decision making.
You don't necessarily have to get rid of a working analog closed circuit TV system in order to update to a broadcasting video that can be watched from any ip connected station or 3G phone. Video capture cards can digitally convert the images for webcast. Until yesterday, there had been no real attempts to standardize the new Internet cameras; every make and manufacturer functioned a little differently. And when you throw web cameras into the mix, using one application to rule them all was heavy.

Professional surveillance application 
  is now available that will work for any webcam or Internet camera and for most capture cards as well. You can monitor whatever your motion detectors are picking up at your house or firm while you can be half a world away.  The application itself may not be easy, but it can get life simpler for you.

Web camera software senses motion, triggers
alarm, captures snapshots, records video, and sends captured images by email

Web camera software identifies activity, sounds siren, captures images, records video, and sends captured images by e-mail
Webcams are perfect for more than just making online communications more realistic. They can also be an enormously practical tool for use in residence or commercial security.

  is now available that can detect activity and use it as a trigger for numerous procedures.

The way that it works is to study the image sent by a camera that is either attached through USB
or via a video capture device for motion. While it picks up that movement, it can then acquire any number of actions, including triggering an alarm.

An other popular software, though, is to either send live pictures of what is happening in the field that is covered by the camera or to even broadcast via online streaming exactly what is happening with both audio and picture. If installed secretly, this software could even be used for stealthy surveillance.

Given the large quantity of systems that either have a webcam connected or can support one, this is an perfect way to inexpensively and simply guard the region around that workstation from infringement or stealing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Watch TV shows live on your PC

Watch television - Online IP TVConnect to
4000 Online TV shows from your notebook.
No need of of a TV hardware. 100% legal - no monthly payment needed.
Watch television shows live anywhere. All you need is
our Internet TV software,
your computer, and online connection.
Using online TV is very convenient and affordable without all the wires and installation fees
it takes for regular cable or dish TV services to be connected.
With internet TV, all you simply need is a PC and the internet, it's that easy.
Most services are available online for no charge and almost all large broadcasting stations like Fox,
NBC, and ABC have web sites where their shows can be viewed. There is no need to buy cable if you hardly ever
watch TV when everything is available on Internet, even live streaming of the news.
One of the most convenient things about online ip TV is that since you are watching it on your
PC when a commercial comes around instead of having to sit through it you can just surf the web, which gets rid of the pain of advertisings.
It's easy to find a fresh episode of Gossip Girl
up and running the next moment. No longer is there an excuse to miss your favourite TV channels!
Internet Television changes the way we watch TV.

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