Monday, December 15, 2008

The Secret

The Secret

This is an extraordinary movie based on the Law of Attraction and the book The Science of Getting Rich. Produced by Prime Time Productions it is based on the most powerful universal law: The Law of Atraction.

There are seven spiritual laws that lead people to get all what they want with only put all the determination on getting it. This imply the use of imagination in a positive way getting rid of all the schemes we have adquired in the past. There are mental images and behaviors called delusions that we have the task to change by new ones in order to achieve whatever objetives we aim to.

This is a recopilation from several experts like Bob Proctor and they make several comments alusive to Abraham Hicks.

The official site is where you can download the trailer and experience the need to watch it completely.

I give to this 4 Stars.
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