Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recession Alternatives: Get a Job as a Freelancer

Is your budget getting tight to pay the rent? Freelancer jobs are a good way to make some extra bucks these days. Ok lets face it: finding clients as a freelancer may cause you anxiety due to you are running against the clock especially during an economic downturn.

But…. There are several Blog places where you can start for free writing your articles about clickbank or Amazon products for instance. In fact, if your content is catching enough you will get those clients asking for your services.

I must admit that I learned the hard way. I had to pay $49.00 to know that clickbank sign-in was FREE!! And you still can see around people offering you such information for a measly $29.00!!

There are others offering affiliate programs with eBay and Amazon for a few bucks! Let me tell you something: It’s FREE to join to the affiliate programs of those companies.

Want to know about wholesale sites? You don’t have to pay anybody for such information just go to

There are many articles about wholesale suppliers that you won’t have to pay a dime to learn how to get into the auction business.

I started writing in blogger and BitComet. So far things are getting better everyday. I can see how many visitors arrive to my page and what topics are more popular. The field is incommensurable and you put your unique ideas into your work getting your style known and respectable. You search for paying blog sites and find several places to start with.

When you maintain your method of writing you create a trusted name and your followers will appreciate your work more and more giving you more topics to write about.
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