Monday, September 28, 2009

Cure Your Athletes Foot: Stop The Painful Itching, Cracking and Bleeding For Life...

Cure Your Athletes Foot: Stop The Painful Itching, Cracking and Bleeding For Life...

Actual fast pace life in big cities and conglomerates, eating at different hours, and using shoes for a long periods of time are perhaps the most important causes of Athletes Foot and Nail Fungus today.

There are several medications recommended for all those painful problems and some few tips to start the curing process is to keep your feet clean and dry and free to breath fresh air.

Nail fungus normally occurs on toenail. We can find several reasons why this happen but two good of them are wearing shoes that are too tight and wearing them for a very long time. Both facts can cause your feet to perspire and build fungus.

If you are like some people that love to use other's nail cutters and tools you are at risk of suffering fungus, because if the original user has fungus infection, it will probably get to you.

If one of your toes gets injured and it is not treated promptly it will allow the bacteria to get in. Specially those people with an immune system in low level have a great chance of getting this disease.

Once it occurs in one toenail it spreads to other nails of the same foot including your fingernails because of the direct conatct.

There are several medications for the treatment. Some are mild and some quite aggressive. It can be self treated or by a doctor's prescription. Although it is much to be preferred by doctors to guarantee the effectiveness and safeness of the treatment, there are some effective ways and home practices that can help you get rid definetely of this problem.

There are medicines that can cause side effects on people suffering from certain illness like liver and kidney diseases. Those people with problems in their circulatory system, Diabetic people, elderly people and those who have HIV can suffer from severe side effects symptoms as well.

Medication for nail fungus take some time to its effects get noticed. So it is very important to take into account those activities aimed to preventing it. Just by following simple and easy rules you can preserve your healthy nail. Usually It takes between 3-4 months be totally cured. In three or four months, using your medication accordingly the fungus will be prevented from growing, bringing back the healthy nail.

Curing Nail fungus has its success rate at 60-80% percent and it is not assured that it will not occur again. But, if you follow simple instructions about how to keep your nails protected against nail fungus you will never deal with this problem again.

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