Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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This is a review about an article posted in web-articles.info and is related to website optimization. In other words those actions required to make your web pages search engines friendly.
The first term with you will get familiarized is SEO that stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it covers several techniques to be implemented in your website in order to improve it’s visibility on any search engine results specially in Google.
According to the article there are two methods for SEO, the first one has to deal with on-page optimization and the second works with off-page optimization.
On-page optimizations has to do with site’s structure, and keywords related to the nature of your website while off-page optimization deals with how many back links your page can get in order to increase your webpage rank. You have to take into account that quality back links are those from pages that have good ranking.
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If you want to digg a little more about SEO I would also recommend the Google webmaster tools located at:
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